Subject Course Professor
Biology, ecology  Physics Assoc. Proff. G. Christacudis
Eco-chemistry Physics Assoc. Proff. V. Vulchev
Engineering chemistry and modern mterials Physics Assoc. Proff. L. Vasilev
Medical physics  Introduction in prgramming  Assoc. Proff. V. Vulchv
Molecular biology and bio technologies Physics Asoc. Proff. М. Maksimov
Physics Probabilities and statistical physics  Assoc. Proff. V. Ivov
Physics, engineer physics Introduction in UNIX Assoc. Proff. L. Vasilev
Physics and IT Electricity and magnetism  Assoc. Proff. L. Vasilev
Chemistry Physics Part I. Assoc. Proff. М. Maksimov
Chemistry Physics Part II. Assoc.Proff. V.Vulche
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